I’m Helen Wyer and I love to help people like you build, strengthen and develop your confidence so you can shine and feel good from the inside out –  so you can take greater risks, think bigger thoughts, achieve greater results and make a greater impact.  Let me help you to find success, fulfilment and ultimately become the person you want to be.

If you have the courage to begin,

I will help you gain the confidence to succeed.

More confidence, more choices, more life!

Common obstacles…

Do you avoid trying new things – changing jobs, attending an exercise or evening class, travelling to new places, chasing that promotion – because you fear your ability to cope or whether you can do it?

Do you feel the need to ensure everyone likes and understands you? Do you get defensive in the face of even minor criticisms or questions? Do you find it difficult to say no, speak up or make yourself heard?

Does your stomach churn at the thought of walking into a crowded meeting or party or social function where you don’t know anyone? Do you prefer to blend into the background rather than start a conversation?

Do you often feel people are looking at or noticing you and making negative judgements about you? Have you developed the habit of comparing yourself to others and always feeling second best?

Does the thought of having to speak publicly in meetings at work, speak at a wedding or attend networking events, make you break out into a cold sweat, cause your heart to race or paralyse you with fear?

Are you a perfectionist, obsessed with everything being flawless or so scared of making a mistake you can’t ever take a risk so you stay stuck in a cycle of never being able to meet the high standards you set yourself?

Living life when you’re not confident and struggling to believe in yourself can feel like you’re driving through life with the handbrake on.

How would it feel to be more confident?

We only get one shot at life and it’s never too late to start putting your needs first.

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From poor self-esteem to anxiety and stress, low confidence to feeling overwhelmed, relationship issues to navigating a transition in your life, out of kilter work/life balance to when you think there just has to be more to life, I can help…

What others have to say…

Sceptical as I am, I was unsure how coaching would help my self-confidence.  However, with Helen’s help,  I have achieved so much in a short amount of time. I have done things I never thought possible.  I have learnt to constantly challenge my ‘inner voice’.


I started working with Helen for issues around fear and confidence.  She really got to know my personality and helped me explore the traits that get in the way of my goals. I have had some big realisations with Helen’s help which has been so useful to help me make progress.


I wanted support in how I felt about my work, focusing on my anxiety and confidence levels. The coaching sessions have helped me let go of some of self-doubts, accept the decisions I make and to have confidence in my gut instincts.


I’m Helen Wyer and I love to help people like you make changes to their lives. I provide effective, practical coaching designed specifically for you and your needs, either in person or by Skype or telephone.

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