There is no passion in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living – Nelson Mandela

About coaching with Helen

My coaching style is practical and down to earth. I don’t wave a magic wand and offer a quick fix. I know that change can be uncomfortable and scary but I will work with you over a series of sessions, support you, motivate you, encourage you and challenge you, always focusing on the outcomes you desire.  Every challenge is unique and so are you.  I don’t offer a ‘one size fits all’ approach.  What works for one person doesn’t work for another.  I will tailor each session to your requirements so that you get maximum benefit from our times together.

Put simply, I listen to what you have to say and use questions to guide you through the process of discovering the way forward, without me actually telling you what to do.  Essentially, the answer is in the room; we work together to find it. In the coaching world, this is known as a non-directional coaching style making use of a mix of tried and tested coaching exercises, motivational confidence building tools and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) techniques.

At the end of the day my hope is that with my help, you will be able to create a step by step plan in order to make changes and live a more fulfilled, happier and rewarding life.

“Working with Helen has allowed me to tackle certain ‘gremlins’ which were holding me back and enabled me to make progress towards my goals.” Sarah

What’s it like for you?

People I’ve worked with say it’s…like having a conversation, a focused chat with an impartial friend, no lying on a couch, focused time to help move you in the right direction, help you make sense of complicated thoughts, clear muddled thinking and deal with things that are standing in your way, to help you see the way forward.

That it’s all about you and someone is genuinely interested and cares.

How much does it cost?

My standard charges are £45 per 1 hour session, whilst it is impossible to say as everybody is an individual, a typical number of sessions is 6 in total.

Discounts are available for block bookings, please just ask.

Sessions can take place face to face at my offices in Needham Market within Encore Wellness, by Skype or by telephone.

Let’s talk…

 Call me on 07795 832740 today, or click on the button below to make an enquiry.

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I’m Helen Wyer and I love to help people like you make changes to their lives. I provide effective, practical coaching designed specifically for you and your needs, either in person or by Skype or telephone.

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