It’s not the mountain we must conquer,
but ourselves – Sir Edmund Hilary

Let’s work together

Confidence affects how you think, how you feel, how you act and how you react.  Basically, it affects the result of
every situation and every decision you make – personally and professionally.

I would love to help you through the process of building your confidence and self-belief in a way
that matches your unique style and personality.

Doubting Voices?

We all have unfriendly voices in our heads whispering ‘I can’t do it’, ‘I’m not good enough’, ‘it will never work’.  These voices, our inner critics, hold us back and stop us making the changes we want in our lives.

The good news is that you can learn to overcome this.  I would help you learn to understand your thoughts, challenge that inner critic and help you develop your inner confidence and truly value yourself.

What if?

Have you ever turned down an opportunity, an experience, a chance, a dream because of  the fear of the unknown, only at some point to have regretted that decision and wondered, ‘what if I had?’. But change is uncomfortable and it can be easier, feel safer even, to stick with what we know, rather than step out into the unknown.  This means we can overlook or dismiss many significant moments and opportunities to explore new directions.

I can help you find the confidence and self-belief to take that leap of faith and to make the changes you know you deserve.

What others think?

Sometimes the worry of what others think of us stops us making decisions, or speaking up more assertively at work or at home, or saying what we really want to do. We can end up always trying to please others and finding it hard to say no. Sometimes even making simple decisions can be difficult because our self-esteem is low so we don’t trust our own judgement and we’re too scared of ‘getting it wrong’.

I can help you change your mind-set to believe in yourself and to gain the courage to speak up and take risks.

Lacking in confidence?

What aspects of your life are you not feeling confident about? Is it socialising at a party, applying for a job, making a presentation at work?  Or maybe it’s just how you feel about yourself – for instance, how you look or how you come across to people.

I will help you understand what confidence is and help you develop strategies to feel more confident on a daily basis.  Confidence is not an elusive quality that some people are born with that defines us for the rest of our lives.  It can be developed and we will work together to help you feel on top of things.

As a qualified life coach I can help you:

  • Work out exactly what you want confidence for
  • Discover what success and fulfilment mean to you, not feeling the need to compare yourself to others or to judge yourself
  • Gain an understanding of what’s holding you back and challenging that self-doubt and negative thinking
  • Explore ways to change your mind-set to start believing in yourself and feel more confident on a daily basis
  • Develop the courage to step out of your comfort zone and do the things you want to do
  • Learn to trust yourself and your abilities rather than trying to please others
  • Find the ability to handle challenging situations and people
  • Create a toolkit of a range of techniques, tips and strategies to boost your confidence

I’m Helen Wyer and I love to help people like you make changes to their lives. I provide effective, practical coaching designed specifically for you and your needs, either in person or by Skype or telephone.

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